Online Exam Creator: A Perfect Guide for Teachers

Teaching professionals and students may find assessment challenging, but the benefits it delivers may be a helpful motivator. There are obvious advantages when it comes to variable delivery methods, adding web links, documents, photographs, and videos and enriching test material.

With the shift of technology, education made its way to move into online evaluation, whether corporate certification or assessment of training efficiency, an awarding body that seeks to move off paper or expand to a new market that creates a scalable end-of-course assessment.

Ensuring the ability of students to learn is critical in every setting. Teachers and instructors can monitor each student’s progress and offer more resources and assistance when required. In addition, regular testing helps instructors detect specific students’ weaknesses in their academic areas and enhances their subject matter and delivery.

Faculty and students can take exams whenever and wherever they want via web-based exams. A time-saving benefit of online testing is that results are automatically calculated and immediately delivered to both teacher and student. In addition, instructors and teachers can analyze results in real-time. Online Exam Creator (OEC) aims to suggest a usable scale construction model for application or adaptation in assessing the exam-based writing exercises. 

OEC has an easy-to-use rubric that can be used for A1 and A2 pupils learning English. 

The criteria are divided into a different description

  • Task Achievement (35 marks)
  • Language (Accuracy and range of grammar and vocabulary) (30 marks)
  • Organization (30 marks)

OEC provides time limitations, fast feedback, add media to questions, and precise marking. 

OEC made an effort to make this marking scheme functional and comprehensive in evaluating the young learners’ writing performance objectively and satisfy the markers’ needs. 

Online Exam Creator has several benefits. It is one of the best solutions for your organization to save time and streamline the learning process.

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