Look at what has been achieved!

Already we are in March and work has not slowed down for our Assess team. The Assess database now has full collections of illustrated worksheets, colourful flashcards with images and text, exams and rubrics to mark those exams.  A collection of images has been prepped and finalised by the partners.  All of this is now ready to be uploaded to the online exam tool which is currently being coded by the Spanish partner.  

Regardless of CoVid-19 restrictions, our meetings have taken place bi-weekly online.  We are hoping that restrictions will be lifted soon so that we can hold our Teaching, Training, Learning (TTL) event in Athens from the 30th of August to the 3rd of September 2021.

Regarding dissemination, our efforts have paid off with our Facebook page receiving 557 likes.  A three-minute explainer video has been produced with subtitles in all partner languages.  The video will be used to disseminate the project to all partner networks. You can watch the video here

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